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What Factors In To A House Painting Estimate?

Painting contractors are faced with unique challenges when estimating a project. When estimating a painting contractor is dealing with direct and indirect cost. Some of these variables are,the project size, materials, amount of detail work required, the height at which the work is to be performed, labor costs and other extenuating factors.

When a contractor is required to do a painting estimate the one major factor that has a key effect on what a job will cost is labor. Normally the highest cost item, labor is very difficult to calculate. It is an expense that relies on quality and quantity of productiion.

In addition the actual time it takes to paint a particular area,the painting contractor must also evaluate such non-productive variables such as set-up/clean-up times, coffee breaks, travel, accommodation expenses,rental equipment, office,etc. when presenting a painting estimate.

Overhead and material, although defining aspects of painting estimating, are generally standard profit determining expenses. All competent contractors can generally estimate what typical overhead costs will be and unless a client specifically requests a unique coating, material costs are usually pretty straightforward.

A contractor has to rely on accuracy and a proven systematic approach when presenting a painting estimate. In order to evaluate the profit margin on any job a painting estimation must consist of costs relative to job set up, manpower allocation and material requirements for any given job while taking into consideration order changes and other extras that have an impact on cost control.

Other factors are the size, amount of preperation, amount of top coats needed for ceilings,walls,interior and exterior trim,millwork,etc.. No two jobs are alike.

Items that include but are not limited to things such as liquidated damages (penalty for a job that is not completed on time), occupancy rights (when owner has permission to occupy certain areas of the building being painted) and Insurance requirements must also be factored in when estimating a job.

A painting contractors estimate will vary from another company's based on there overhead,profit,insurance,quality of materials,quality of craftsmanship, and the overall value that they are providing you.



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