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Eco Painters

We are a Eco-Aware Painting Contractor recognizing the importance of being a Environmentally-Conscious Painting Company and want to do our part to help keep the environment clean. We are committed to looking for and implementing ways that reduce our impact on the environment. It's a shared and ongoing vision that we have.

"We where very pleased with every part of this experience. Everything was carefully explained. We like the fact that you use environmentally safe products. Good Work"-

Dennis & Connie-New Paltz, N.Y 

Kellogg's Painting, Inc. Can use green paints
  • Professionally managed painting projects that beautify your home in a environmentally responsible manner.
  • We use paints with low or zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) Paints that are low oder, resistant to mildew, silica free, anti-microbial, and that are durable, promoting better indoor air quality.  
  • Green is not only defined as low VOCs, but durability is just as important.
  • By using higher quality coating products, we paint our client's properties less over the years, reducing the number of repaints helps reduce waste and emissions.
  • The paint supplier that we choose to buy our paints from not only produces high-quality, low and zero VOC coatings, but extends that green idea into all of there operations. That organization is an industrial leader in the green movement. 

We recycle our waste material and empty containers, disposing of all chemicals properly. When using chemicals such as deck and home wash we only use products that are environmentally safe.

In the end we emphasize the importance of durability, indoor air quality, and commitment, while choosing a paint company-wide green focused. We are not only committed to our customers, but we are also committed to the environment.         

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