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Hiring a Painting Contractor Checklist

What you need to know before hiring a professional painting contractor for the interior or exterior painting of your home in the Catskills or Hudson Valley, New York areas. 

Kellogg’s Painting provides an experience that promises to complete your house painting project on time in a clean and professional manner.

We have created a checklist to help inform and educate you as you choose a painting contractor whom is working legally with full time painters, not one that will leave you with heartache and headaches, so that you will get the experience you deserve.

Kellogg’s Painting Company uses operational systems that lead our painters to do every project right the first time. We have high standards and want you to recognize and experience the Kellogg’s Painting difference. 

4 Common mistakes when hiring a painting contractor:

#1 Hiring on price alone. Legitimate contractors have business costs that many contractors do not regard as important, such as employees, insurances, operating cost, license, training and more.

#2 Paint is paint. Recommending the best product for your particular situation will help provide a more durable job. Not all paint is equal.

#3 Not checking references. A reputable painting contractor will be able to provide a long list of past customers, names, phone numbers and photos or video. A reputable painting company should be able to provide at least five or more references

#4 Hiring uninsured contractors. An uninsured contractor takes a tremendous risk. He is financially and morally liable if he damages your property. If he can’t pay for the damage, you will. N.Y requires general liability and workers compensation insurance.

The On-Time Guarantee

At Kellogg’s Painting we do more than say that we will be on time, we guarantee it. If we fail to keep an appointment without informing you prior to the appointment time, we will take $100 off of your invoice. Your time is valuable and we won’t waste it. We’ll be on time and we guarantee it.

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