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Kellogg's Painting Proposal

The Kellogg's Painting approach to painting your home includes a comprehensive proposal, scheduling to meet your needs, performing all work in a professional manner, timely manner, clearly communicating with you, maintaining a clean, safe work site, and doing a final inspection with you, making sure you are 100% satisfied.

Hudson and Catskill NY Painting Company

The Proposal- We will schedule a convenient time to meet with you to discuss your needs. At this time we will discuss your project options, how we will go about completing the job, the necessary steps, what materials we will be using, answering any questions that you may have and give you an exact cost for your project. The proposal will be in writing and include all labor cost, all material cost, have the necessary steps and materials we will be using outlined.

Call Kellogg's Painting now for your free in home consultation Scheduling- How soon do you need your project done? We want to make sure we can meet your preferred finishing date. When the proposal is accepted your project will be put into our schedule and we will give you a start date. Start and completion dates for your project will also be outlined in the written proposal.

Choosing Colors- We can also do exact computer color matching to an existing color, fabric, pillow case, curtains, etc.. Yes, we can do an exact color match to anything.

Piece of Mind- We are a Fully Insured Professional Painting contractor. Our painters are full time employees and not day labors. We will gladly provide you an insurance certificate from our provider upon your request. To further your piece of mind we provide you a warranty on Interior & Exterior House Painting services. 

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