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Aluminum and Vinyl Siding Painters - NY

Professional Painting Contractor specializing in painting aluminum and vinyl siding on homes in Catskill, Cairo, Hudson, Woodstock, Windham New York And More.

"Excellent experience. Crew arrived promptly each morning and cleaned up thoroughly at the end of each work day. Job was completed in just a few short days. Crew and Tom (the owner) were always courteous and willing to address any concerns/questions we had. They even impressed my inquisitive neighbors. Highly recommended." - Tami R.Hudson NY aluminum siding painting

  • Is your aluminum or vinyl siding faded, old and worn?
  • Don't replace, refinish
  • Painting saves thousands over replacing your aluminum or vinyl

When you rub your hand across your homes old aluminum or vinyl siding, you will notice that white chalk rubs off on your fingers. The white residue is caused by oxidation, and is the number one problem when painting aluminum and vinyl siding. If not cleaned properly the new paint will not adhere and if a high pressure power washer is used to clean you will have damage to the siding and water intrusion into your house.

Our aluminum and vinyl siding painters pressure wash, using a soft wash, low pressure system to not damage your house and hand scrub the aluminum and vinyl siding using landscape friendly cleaners that will not harm your landscape, pets or children.

You Only Get One Chance To Do It Right!!!

Our house painters are trained in all of the steps necessary to prepare your aluminum or vinyl house siding for a finish that will revive your aluminum and vinyl siding on your up state New York home. Adding value and protection to your home from the elements.

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