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Painting Contractor Referances


Checking painting contractor references is very important. Ask the painting contractor for 3-5 references of paint jobs they did in the past 6 months. If they cannot provide this, then you don't

 want to hire them as a Painting Contractor for your NY home.

When you call the reference, make sure you ask them questions about the quality of their work and how they conducted themselves. Here are some sample questions you can use:

I am considering hiring [painter] to paint my [project name]. I was given your name by [Kellogg's Painting Company] as a reference. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

What did the painter do for you and when did they do it?

Did you enjoy working with the painter? Feel comfortable leaving them in your home?

Did the painter show up on time and leave the job site clean and organized?

Did the painting job take as long as the painter said it would?

Did the final price of the paint job match the orginal painting proposal?

Did you have any problems/issues with the painter or the paitn job and did they resolve it satisfactorily?

Do you know if they did painting for anyone else in the area? (if available, good idea to ask a reference not provided by the painter)

Did they use the best quality painting materials?

Would you hire the painter again for your next painting project?

Remember to thank them for their time.


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