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House Painting Color Tips

When choosing paint colors to paint your house or office it can be a daunting task. There are 3 general groups of paint schemes:

Monochromatic schemes are based on one hue, which varies in value (lightness and darkness), and saturation (the amount of color). An example of this is a pale blue with a pure blue and dark blue. 

Analogous schemes combine no more than three similar colors. An example of this is red, yellow red (orange), and yellow. 

Complementary schemes are based on opposing colors. This scheme offers more contrast and can introduce both warm and cool colors into the area. An example would be the burgundy complementing the three shades of green in your front door


Find an existing dominant color that you like or wish to keep, in the room or on the house. On an exterior, this could be the color of the brick or stone, pre-finished windows, or roof. For an interior, it could be the color of your sofa, flooring, art work, or window coverings.


Determine what kind of feeling you wish to have in the room or on the home. Warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, or beige, can create an invigorating mood or add cozy intimacy to large spaces. They can help to warm up a room that has northern or eastern exposure. Blues, greens, violets, or grays, the cool colors, give a serene feeling and can add spaciousness to small spaces. The balance between light colors and deep colors should be considered.


Exterior house painting color selection tips:

Look for interesting architectural details, that can be accented color.

Drive through various neighborhoods to see color in action. Make note of appealing color schemes.

Define the entry way and window trim

A charcoal gray shingle may have flecks of gray-green or gray-blue that can be incorporated into the color scheme.


Interior house painting color selection tips:

Black lends itself to sophistication and excitement in any decor. use it on the trim in an entry way.

Make a small room look large with a medium shade on the ceiling.

Pastel shades are not just for walls and trim.

Neutral colors like grays, create a classic look with a modern feel.

Paint just one wall, accent it

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