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A snow plowing contractor and ice management company serving Catskill, Leeds, South, Cairo New York and Surrounding Areas. 

When snow and ice storms hit the upstate Catskill, NY area, we give you peace of mind knowing that we will maintain your driveway, sidewalks, decks, mailbox areas and path ways to oil tanks. Keeping these areas free of snow and ice to provide safety and accessibility for you and your family. We are fully insured for snow plowing and ice management and will provide an insurance certificate upon request.

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Kellogg's Painting, winter storm pax, snow plowing, Catskill, NY 12414
Snow plowing and ice management contractor. Snow plowing of winter storm Pax, Catskill, NY 12414

*Snow plowing *Shoveling *Deicing *Emergency services * Per Push *Seasonal contracts  available

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Consumer tips for hiring a snow plowing, snow removal and ice management contractor in Catskill, Cairo or Leeds, New York for your home or business in 12451, 12414, 12413, 12482 and the surrounding area.

  • Does the service provider carry proper insurance? Including workers compensation, general liability, commercial auto and a snow plowing endorsement? Kellogg's Painting will gladly provide an insurance certificate from our agent at your request. If the contractor is not insured there bid should not be considered, as you should consider the cost to you if anything should happen on your property and your snow plowing company is uninsured.
  •  How long has the snow and ice management contractor been in business? Kellogg's Painting of Leeds, NY 12451 was established in January 2007. Look for a contractor that is knowledgeable and keeps current on changes in products, snow plowing and deicing equipment and technology. You don't want to hire a fly by night person whom may not be in business the next week.
  • How will the contractor handle a high accumulation storm?  Kellogg's Painting continues to plow out your driveway during a storm, so it can be accessed if you need to or have an emergency. We do not wait until snow has accumulated so much that your driveway is not accessible.
  • How will the contractor maintain your property if there equipment breaks down? Kellogg's Painting has more than one snow plowing truck and other equipment that is ready to go when needed for your Catskill, Leeds or Cairo, NY property.
  • Get an estimate in writing? A professional contractor will visit the job site and note any obstacles that could be damaged, note there approach to your specific project, address your specific needs and any concerns you may have. The estimate should include exactly what will be done, exact prices and NY Sales Tax should also be included clearly defined on a separate line per law. If Sales Tax is not included then the contractor is probably working illegally. 
  • Does the contractor use contracts? A contract should be provided, so the plowing company and customer are on the same page. It should clearly define the level of service provided, exact cost, any options and payment terms. 

Professional snow and ice management providers may not be the lowest bidder, but remember that they are:
  • Paying insurance, payroll, payroll taxes, overhead and reinvesting into there business.
  • Committed to service and quality
  • Keeping equipment operable and purchasing the necessary products to maintain there accounts.